Power of a Dollar










our overarching vision for 2015 will honor the founding principle of our organization: if each resident in the community gives at least one dollar, our academically and financially deserving young people can afford to go to college.


To change the potential of our community and break the cycle of poverty within families, we will ask each resident of jefferson parish to donate at least one dollar. 


Can you imagine a community with a diverse workforce? Safer neighborhoods? An increase in outside investment? A community with the ability to retain homegrown talent, sustainably meet its own needs, and achieve a better overall quality of life?  Well we can!  like dr. fradkin, eleanor roosevelt and katie couric, we believe in the power of a dollar. our campaign invites our community to believe as well!

                        Annual Fund Drive  










Our Annual Fund Drive is an appeal that becomes our primary revenue source for funding scholarships and where we rely on the generosity of corporate partners and individuals to meet these needs. To make a donation right now, click here

                    Public Service Announcements







a series of public service announcements was launched to create awareness on the mission of jefferson dollars for scholars.  this series promotes the ideas behind the power of a dollar campaign.




                         Annual School Drive









Jefferson Dollars for Scholars is kicking off the 2016 School and Family Drive. All Jefferson Parish Public Schools have teacher coordinators who lead the efforts to support our mission through fundraising activities- in and out of the schools.


Each $1 donated helps activate our students into being the superheroes they are meant to be.  We fund over 300 SUMMER ENRICHMENT CAMP and COLLEGE SCHOLARSHIPS for Jefferson Parish Public Schools students. In 2016, the School and Family Drive will be February 1-5. However, accept your mission today and start raising funds for us now! Thanks to people like you, the School and Family Drive raises $50,000 annually. Not only is it one of our most important campaigns, it’s our biggest!


  • Press Release: JPPS Annual School and Drive to Benefit Jefferson Dollars for Scholars and Students of Jefferson Parish Public Schools!

  • If you have questions about the school and Family drive, click  here

  • To find out what’s in it for us and why should you participate, Click here



          Community & Corporate Partnerships









Our funding strategies involve procuring grants from foundations that fund issues concerning children, education, economic and community development, and other important areas of impact. we also develop and nurture partnerships with corporate sponsors and underwriters.


In each relationship, we cultivate ways to bring added value to each partner. 


  • To view our corporate sponsorship benefits package, click here



                 Special Events & Promotions








throughout the year, we engage in several other special events and promotions to help meet our mission goals.  If your company, organization or group would like to partner with us on a mission driven event or promotion, please contact us at: